Frequently Asked Question & Answer

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Q1:Printing material : What materials can it print?

Q2: Printing Ink : Which type of ink it use, and what’s ink price ?

Q3. Pretreatment liquid : Do I need pretreatment liquid before printing T-shirts?

Q4. Ink consumption : How many T-shirts 1 liter ink can print?

Q5. Printing cost : How much does it cost for one T-shirt printing?

Q6. Printing speed : How long does it take to print a T-shirt?

Q7. Installation&Service : How to install & use the printer?

Q8: Software: what’s software ?how to use it ?

Q9. Maintainance : How to maintenance the printer?

Q10 Warranty : How long is the warranty period?

Q11: Printing process : How to print a t-shirt ?

Q12: Dark color T-shirt : Can it print on black or other dark color T -shirt?

Q13. Printing color washable : How long does the printing last,can it wash ?

Q14. Free start ink : Any start ink for buying the machine?

Q15. Price&Cost&How much : what’s best price for this printer ?

Q16. Transport&Delivery&Ship&Send : How to transport the printer to me?

Q17. Payment : What are the payment methods?

Q18. Accessory&spare part: Do I need to buy other accessory?

Q19. Heat press machine : do I need to buy a heat press machine?